Combining loans – Loan Consolidation

Combining loans means, in practice, that several smaller loans are paid off with one new loan. Paying several loans or bills is often much more expensive and laborious. Many simultaneous bills can easily be overlooked by human oblivion, such as due dates or amounts that cause extra headaches and settlements.

What does Loan Consolidation Mean?

What does Loan Consolidation Mean?

Combining loans solves this problem by paying only one loan, which is much easier to handle. In addition, each loan and bill continually accrues interest and expense, while combining loans will bundle smaller expensive loans into one entity, so you will only pay one loan at a time – and thus only one loan. So combining loans will have a positive impact on your finances as well as your time management. 

The terms of the consolidation loans are bank-specific, which is why it is always worthwhile to bid for loan offers. By applying for a loan application with several banks, you will find the most advantageous and suitable offer for you. Loans can be combined up to $ 60,000 and you can choose the most appropriate repayment period from 1 to 15 years. Bidding on loans is always free and is not binding. Our professional and experienced customer service staff is ready to help you through the entire loan process to make it easy for you to combine your loans.

Is the combination of loans worthwhile?

Is the combination of loans worthwhile?

Yes! Combining loans can help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year at best. By competing on loan deals, you are sure to get the cheapest consolidation loan. However, be careful that you use a consolidation loan to pay off your loans, and you will not increase your loan burden anymore – loan consolidation will not work unless you combine your loans with a new loan. You can also apply for a bigger loan to consolidate your loan and use the rest for other needs. So combining loans is a sensible solution for those who want to put their finances in order. Using our service is completely free and does not bind you to anything. So what are you waiting for? Our customer service is waiting for you!

Interested in loan consolidation? Here’s how to apply for a consolidation loan:

1. Start the application process

Fill out an application on our site – Filling out an application is quick and easy. You can access the application here. If you need help applying for a loan or are interested in combining loans but would like more information, you can contact our customer service team.

2. Compare loan quotes

We compete with your application at over 20 trusted and secure banks and the Institute. This will ensure that the offer you receive is definitely the most affordable on the market and just right for you

3. Accept the offer you want

After you submit your application, you will begin to receive offers from banks. We will keep you updated on the loan process. You will be able to see the loan offers you have received through the links in our messages and we will notify you when all loan offers have been received. You can easily compare loan offers using the real annual interest rate and choose the one that suits you best.

Is the consolidation of loans topical?

Is the consolidation of loans topical?

You can apply for a consolidation loan at any time or time, but remember that a carefully completed loan application will improve your chances of getting a loan. Here are some tips for applying for a loan:

  • Get as many as you need. However, use the loan for the original purpose of combining. Any excess can be used for other purposes
  • Please include in your application your regular salary and / or retirement income, which you can verify later with supporting documents.
  • Find out your current debt balances and repayments and note them all in your application
  • Apply for a loan with a co-applicant wherever possible; you will get better loan terms and better access to credit.

You can access the application directly here.